The customer has an idea and enters into a conversation with everywhereIM. A Medical Consultant and a Project Manager are always present during this interview. When we step into this meeting, not everyone has already a concrete idea for the application so everywhereIM always thinks along about the feasibility of the idea.


After the introductory meeting, the Project Manager will talk to the in-house developers to estimate the feasibility of the functionalities and costs of the labor. The quotation is then discussed and explained. Discussing the quotation will always take place face to face. Based on that conversation, the functionalities are adjusted and/or the quotation is signed.

Functional Design

The Medical Advisor and Project Manager draw up a Functional Design (FD). The Project Manager then provides a schedule to the customer. As soon as the customer has given his approval on the FD the development starts.


The Project Manager monitors the deadline and regularly monitors progress with the Developer. In the meantime, graphic design is started by the designer. The Developer is working towards a first test version. In this phase, the Developer reports to the Project Manager on a daily basis. Before a first test version is delivered, the Developer will test the application himself.

Test phase 1

The Project Manager ensures that the first test version is performed by at least two testers, on both iOS and Android devices. The test results are recorded in a test document. The Developer then processes these test results. The first external test version is subsequently delivered to the customer.

Test phase 2

The customer provides a test document with their findings. The Project Manager examines the test results and assesses where it concerns a bug or a functional adjustment. Functional adjustments are included in a “Change Request” (CR). The Developer makes an estimation of the number of hours needed to realize the CR and the schedule is adjusted accordingly. After implementation, the second internal test is delivered and then the second external test. If bugs are found after this test round, the test phase is repeated.


Is the customer satisfied? Is everywhereIM satisfied? The app will be published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


When the app has been in use for a certain period of time, an evaluation will be scheduled.