Shared Opinion


Shared Opinion is an online platform that could be used as directory for a multidisciplinary meeting. Doctors from different institutions (both academic as periphery) can login to the platform and access an area where patient cases can be shared. This means, Shared Opinion is a universal platform that avoids logistic problems from the different EPD’s, even as the necessity of physical proximity when meeting.

Doctors upload their interesting and difficult patient cases in Shared Opinion and their colleagues in different hospitals can do so as well. All Shared Opinion users can comment and discuss cases within their area of expertise.

What are the options?

For every user there is always one central illness in Shared Opinion, this illness has been chosen by the user. In order to make maximum use of Shared Opinion and to organize the Multi-Disciplinary meeting as efficient as possible, you are able to work with a standardized Case-Report Form (CRF). This is a standardized survey, in which all important information anonymous and uniform will be delivered. The accompanying (radiological) imaging can be uploaded anonymously. An expert and one of our medical advisors can design this CRF.