research tool

moniq is a tool to digitally collect data, through a CMS, an app, remotely and real-time. This ‘experience sampling’ method is a data collection technique to let patients answer surveys with high frequency. Using this method, the researcher will acquire insights in the course of physical complaints throughout a day, a week or months. As a researcher you are no longer dependent on cross-sectional data and/or data that is concerned with recall bias.

What are the options?

  • Researchers are able to use ‘dependencies’ in a survey. With other words, using this feature you are able to build flexible surveys. New questions follow logically after the given answer to the previous question.
  • Besides the experience sampling method, the T=0 method is also available. Patients will receive an individual survey after a certain period of time after inclusion or intervention (such as a surgery).
  • Connection with Castor EDC (data collection). everywhereIM will of course take care of your data collection if you do not work with Castor EDC.
  • The possibility to add local researchers, in order for them to include patients in other centers as well