research tool

moniq is a tool to digitally collect data, through a CMS, an app, remotely and real-time. This ‘experience sampling’ method is a data collection technique to let patients answer surveys with high frequency. Using this method, the researcher will acquire insights in the course of physical complaints throughout a day, a week or months. As a researcher you are no longer dependent on cross-sectional data and/or data that is concerned with recall bias.

What are the options?

  • Researchers are able to use ‘dependencies’ in a survey. With other words, using this feature you are able to build flexible surveys. New questions follow logically after the given answer to the previous question.
  • Besides the experience sampling method, the T=0 method is also available. Patients will receive an individual survey after a certain period of time after inclusion or intervention (such as a surgery).
  • Connection with Castor EDC (data collection). everywhereIM will of course take care of your data collection if you do not work with Castor EDC.
  • The possibility to add local researchers, in order for them to include patients in other centers as well


We organize moniq workshops

moniq is available as subscription, starting from €40,- a month. There are different types of subscriptions, based on the number of test persons to include in the study. Are you curious concerning the use of moniq? Or do you want to know for which studies moniq is applicable? everywhereIM is touring across the country to demonstrate the use of moniq. Check the agenda or newsletter for upcoming workshops! You are always able to reach us at