Appeco, previously known as ‘Living Documentation’. Appeco collects all knowledge available in academic literature in a certain area of expertise. At this moment, the app is focusing on Multiple Sclerose (MS). On the other hand, Appeco is a complete generic tool, applicable for every area of expertise and clinical picture.

Depending on the given search query, the system presents a list with interventions that have been researched and shows you the results of this intervention with reference to the control group. Due to this web-based tool, new literature is automatically reviewed by colleagues and showed by relevance. In addition, it is possible to directly include multiple articles in one meta-analysis.

Appeco executes a daily search to academic literature on a specific subject. The newly published literature (via search tools such as PubMed) will be reviewed on relevance by two editors (researchers within the area of expertise). When they agree the article is relevant or not, an additional reviewer is appointed to filter all relevant information from the article (patient population, applied intervention, control group, results). Subsequently all information will be reviewed once more. Eventually, when all steps have been completed, the article will be added to the Appeco system.

It is possible to adjust the application to your needs. For instance, it is possible to set a broad search query, but search queries can also be narrowed down to a specific patient population or one certain intervention.

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