Medical guidelines are usually bulky documents, which don’t read easily. Especially not during the 10 minutes regularly scheduled for a patient-doctor consult. Despite this, the doctor is expected to work according to the latest guideline, preferably without delaying his consulting hour. Is learning this bulky guideline -continuously subject of change according to the latest scientific standards- by heart the only option?

How about the development of a guideline app? We distinguish different types of apps: the enchiridion; the registration aid, or a decision making tool. We aim to develop products that truly support the doctor, knowledge readily available; they can rely on at any time. This is why we offer the possibility to provide your app with a CE document, so that the app can be CE marked.

The process

One of our medical consultants studies the guideline in detail and translates this into a flowchart. Based on the flowchart, we draft a functional design. In the functional design we show the different functionalities of each screen. After approval of the functional design, we start to develop the design of the app. If the design is approved as well, we can start to develop and test the application. The whole process is documented in a CE document. When the app is ready, the application for CE marking can be submitted.

Recently one of our guideline apps, developed in corporation with the Netherlands Society of Occupational Medicine, was used as topic of training for its members. This training, provided by everywhereIM, was accredited with 4 ABAN points!

We distinguish the following steps in the process of developing a guideline app:
  • Study the guideline and draft flowcharts
  • Design phase
  • Development and testing fase
  • CE marking
  • Agree on update policy (modifying the guideline)
  • ABAN accreditation?

We explain the process in detail down below:

Example apps

Chronische Pancreatitis

ESGAR Guidelines

Hematologie app