Primary sclerosing cholangitis research tool

Research tool

About 1100 patients suffer from primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) in the Netherlands. The majority of these patients will need a liver transplant at one point, yet a significant number of these patients has deceased before a donor liver becomes available.
To allow prospective research on patient reported outcomes, the PSC-research tool sends patients participating in the clinical study push notifications with questions on their symptoms, at random moments during the week. Next to this, an online environment enables the researcher to investigate the acquired data.

For whom?

Since symptoms can differ per hour, the research group of dr. Cyriel Ponsioen at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, is establishing a continuous monitoring of patients, to gain an insight into symptom progression and possible contributing factors. Next to this, prof. dr. R. Oude Elferink is involved in the setup of this trial, as his research group focuses on the causes of itching in biliary tract diseases.


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