CF Medication


The system described here provides both doctor and patient with the possibility to keep up a continuous flow of information on medication usage. This specific product has been developed for use by patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and has been developed in collaboration with dr. Hettie Janssens of the CF Center, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam and a number of CF patients.

The system consists of four components:

  • - An app which reminds patients to take their medication and which allows the patient to check off this medication after taking it

  • - A web dashboard which shows the doctor in real-time which medication the patient has checked off

  • - A secure database which both the app and the web dashboard source their data from

  • - Information about the medication that needs to be taken, specifically aimed at CF

The overview that this creates for both patient and doctor is extremely useful to stimulate patient adherence. Difficult moments to take medication are easily identified. Much time can be saved during appointments because the doctor already has all possible data on the patient’s medication usage available. Additionally, an up-to-date medication list is always available.

For whom?

Patients with CF, and their treating physicians.


The app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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