Shared Opinion

Platform for physicians
What is it?

Shared Opinion is an online platform that is used as a guidance for multidisciplinary consultation. Doctors from different hospitals (both academic and regional hospitals) can log on to the platform, and will enter a safe environment where they can share patient cases. This makes Shared Opinion a universal platform, that overcomes logistic problems such as different hospitals using different electronic systems. This platform also enables consultation without the need for physical proximity.

How does it work?

Doctors upload interesting or complicated patient cases into Shared Opinion. Colleagues in other hospitals can also upload their cases to the platform, and can comment on cases within their own area of expertise.

What are the possibilities?

Shared Opinion focuses on one specific disease at a time. This disease can be selected by the users. To use Shared Opinion optimally, and make the multidisciplinary consultation as efficient as possible, standardized case report forms (CRFs) can be used. These are standardized questionnaires, that allow for an anonymous and uniform way of registering all essential and important information for a case. Any needed (radiological) imaging can be uploaded anonymously. CRFs on a specific topic can be created in cooperation with one of our medical advisors.

Shared Opinion has a calendar-function, that allows for sharing cases and planning a consultation with experts. The experts can share their expert opinion through the platform, which will send a notification to the doctor that submitted the case.

And what about the data (security)?

All patient-related data is securely stored on a server complying with all European laws and regulations for storing this type of data.

An administrator will be assigned to every diagnosis-specific area of the platform. This administrator is authorized to add users, as well as grant user rights. Next to the administrator, the platform differentiates ‘Experts’ and ‘Users’. Anyone can upload a patient case, comment on cases and ask questions. Comments replies that are made by experts are clearly distinguishable from posts by regular users.

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