Risk Mapping

What is it?

This web-based application is developed to enable visualization of the chance of success and the risk of complications of various types of medical or surgical treatment. The application is developed to support both the doctor and the patient in the process of shared decision making for medical and surgical treatments.

How does it work?

The app compares different types of treatment to one another. By visualizing chances of success and risks of complications in a decision tree (image), but also using bar charts and icons, the patient can easily see what the exact differences between two types of treatment are.

What are the possibilities?

Both the type of treatment and the relevant complications can be selected for visualization. Next to this, new types of treatment can be added to the app, and chances or odds can be adjusted to meet specific patient needs or situations.

And what about the data (security)?

The app can be adjusted to meet your needs completely. Because it is a (publicly available) web-based application (on mapping.nu), there is currently no login function or extra security. Should extra security by means of a login be necessary, this can be added to the platform in different manners to meet your needs.

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