Wheel of Myths

What is it?

The Wheel of Myths app is an educational game. In this app, a virtual wheel is spun, that shows a question or statement when it stops. The user then needs to decide whether the proposed statement is true (fact) or false (myth).

How does it work?

Users collect points, possibly leading up to a high score, when they answer the questions correctly. By ‘gamifying’ the learning process, users will continuously be challenged and stay motivated to use the app and expand their knowledge.

The app has currently been developed for anesthesiologists, including statements specifically on the use of opioids. The app can, however, easily be adapted to other specializations, or other topics. Next to showing the correct answers, background information is shown. This background information also includes references, with author and publication details.

What are the possibilities?

The app can easily be adapted to a target user group to transfer specific knowledge. You can add your own statements and questions to the app, as well as relevant background information and references.

And what about the data (security)?

Since there is no patient data stored in the app, security is less strict than in apps dealing with this kind or information. We can, however, adjust the security setting of the application to your wishes. This can be useful, for example, when you want to restrict usage of the app to a specific target group, or when you want to provide the app to members of a specific medical society only.

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