What is it?

A quiz app is an educational game that allows the transfer of knowledge to a specific target group in a fun and entertaining way.

How does it work?

The users of the app receive a multiple choice question every day. The faster this question is answered (correctly), the more points can be scored. A leaderboard in the app shows the high scores top 10.

What are the possibilities?

The administrators of a quiz can create new quizzes and questions in the content management system. This CMS also allows for the addition of visual support, such as pictures or images, to the questions. The administrator sets the date and time for the question to be sent. As soon as the new question has been sent to the users, they receive a push notification on their smartphone.

The app can easily be adapted to a target user group to transfer specific knowledge. You can add your own statements and questions to the app, as well as relevant background information and references.

And what about the data (security)?

Since there is no patient data stored in the app, security is less strict than in apps dealing with this kind or information. We can, however, adjust the security setting of the application to your wishes. This can be useful, for example, when you want to restrict usage of the app to a specific target group, or when you want to provide the app to members of a specific medical society only.

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